Cigna<i>Plus</i> Savings Cigna's Will Preparation Services provide legal help and more
Legal Resource Center

Legal documents, educational information and more!

Cigna's Legal Resource Center1 is a secure, easy-to-use website where you can create state-specific life, financial and healthcare legal documents and access educational information on a variety of legal topics. Documents include:

  • Last will & testament - specifies what is to be done with property, appoints an estate executor and identifies guardian for minor children
  • Living will - contains employee's wishes regarding use of extraordinary life support or other life-sustaining medical treatment when there's no hope of recovery
  • Health care power of attorney - grants someone permission to make medical decisions if you are unable to do so
  • Financial power of attorney - grants someone permission to make financial decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so

Members can log into their CignaPlus Savings® account for instructions on accessing the Legal Resource Center website.

1 The Legal Resource Center is provided under an arrangement with CLC Incorporated (CLC) and is independently administered by CLC. CLC is not law firm. The legal forms available on the Legal Resource Center are not intended to provide legal advice or substitute for the advice of an attorney. Cigna does not provide legal services and makes no representations or warranties as to the quality of the information on the CLC website or the services of CLC.
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