CIGNA Plus Savings Save Money on Dental Services from Cleanings to Braces!
Save Money on Dental Services from Cleanings to Braces!
CIGNAPlus Savings = The Smart Choice

As a CIGNAPlus Savings program member, you may save an average of 31 percent*** off most commonly performed dental services including:

Cleanings Crowns Braces
Root Canals Fillings Dentures

Adults, children, and seniors can join this program. Once you are enrolled in the program, you are required to pay the entire discounted dental fee to the dental office at the time of service.

Remember, the CIGNAPlus Savings program is not insurance so there are:

  • NO claim forms
  • NO deductibles
  • NO waiting periods
  • NO age limits
  • NO frequency limitations
  • NO benefit maximums
  • NO exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • NO referrals for specialty dental care

Here are some examples of national savings based on the most commonly performed dental procedures. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact one of our service representatives.

Procedure Usual Fee * CIGNAPlus Savings Typical Discounted Fee ** Member Savings Savings Percentage
Two Periodic exams (adult) $102 $70 $32 31.50%
Two Periodic exams (child) $102 $70 $32 31.50%
Two Routine cleanings (adult) $180 $123 $57 31.50%
Two Routine cleanings (child) $138 $95 $43 31.50%
Two Fluoride treatments (child) $72 $49 $23 31.50%
Two bitewing x-rays $86 $59 $27 31.50%
One Resin composite filling (1-surface anterior, adult or child) $155 $105 $50 32%
Two quadrants of periodontal scaling and root planning $466 $317 $149 32%
One Complete Denture $1,318 $921 $397 30.20%
Total - Average $291 $201 $90 31%

*Based on 9/01/2015–02/01/2016 national average charges projected by Cigna Dental through 7/1/2016. Fees vary by region.


** Typical discounted fees are listed for visits to participating dentists. Members are responsible for paying all applicable fees and charges directly to the dentist at the time of visit. Charges may vary from the sample listed above. Members should consult with their network dentist before beginning any treatment.

With the CIGNAPlus Savings program, affordable dental services are now within your reach.

***Average discount percentages are calculated by comparing nationwide average contracted rates to national average charges data. Actual savings will vary based upon procedure, geographic location and the Cigna Dental specific contracted rate set up with the dentist/specialist. Discounts were 1/1/2015 – 12/31/2015, projected on 4/1/2016 from Cigna pricing department.

CIGNAPlus Savings® is a dental discount program that gives customers access to discounted fees for dental services, pursuant to schedules negotiated with participating dentists. Customers are responsible for paying such fees in full directly to participating dentists. Although all participating dentists go through a credentialing process to assure that they are appropriately licensed and qualified, Cigna does not otherwise guarantee nor is it responsible for the quality of any services or products purchased by customers. CignaPlus Savings is a discount program and is NOT insurance. It is not protected by any state Life and Health Guaranty Association and is not available in all states or areas.

All Cigna products and services are provided exclusively by or through operating subsidiaries of Cigna Corporation, including Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, and Cigna Dental Health, Inc. The Cigna name, logo, and other Cigna marks are owned by Cigna Intellectual Property, Inc. All pictures are used for illustrative purposes only.

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